May 2022

Dear Friends of Master Piece Outreach Ministries, trusting my monthly updates are been received by you and you're not offended by any of the content.  5 month are over in this year but still we are believing in Him for the resources to construct the Church as soon as possible. Our May month ministry activities are as below.
  • On May 3rd, I was invited to share the Good News with 400 Youngsters.
  • From May 11th to 13th, VBS at Kakinada was successful.
  • From May 16th to 18th, VBS at Pithapuram was successful.
  • On May 19th, We opened up a new sewing school in a remote village called S.B. Patnam. This particular village is a tribal village and a 2hr 30 minutes drive from Kakinada. The whole population of the village is 650 people, but much opposition for Christianity. So slowing we established a small church and now we opened the sewing school for the women. We are so glad that the elders, the president of the village joined us in opening the school. Please pray for the salvation of the entire village.
  • May 31st, I was invited to speak in a village called Navakhandravada. The Andhra Baptist Church engaged in a Thanksgiving meeting and the whole village joined us to hear the Good News. Praise God.

Please click the below link to have a look at our last month’s ministry activities pictures.

Prayer Request:

Our primary goal for this year 2022 is to build our own church building. We need 1.5 million dollars for this immense project. If we built our church with bricks and we needed 30,000 bricks to complete it…. You could buy a piece of the church by buying a brick or 10 or 100 or 1000. $50 a brick X 30,000 bricks are 1.5 million/ 100 bricks = $5000. The Brick won’t cost $50 dollars in India it is a presentation, an idea. Our tally is available on the donations. We look forward to your partnership.

Dr. Rao

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