Dr. Yelchuri Sudhakar Rao

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Hello friends this is Pastor Rao and I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Let me share with you the background and roots of my passion to bring people into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Calvary Church was founded by my Parents Rev Y. Victor and Rebecca in the year of 1969. Dad saw a clear vision that he was going to be separated from his family and move to a different place.

Dad was the firstborn and he was responsible for all of his 8 brothers and 4 sisters. The family was very poor and Dad received an appointment letter from Orissa State which was far away in those days. GrandPa was unwilling to allow him to go but when Dad explained the vision, he was permitted to move to Orissa. Orissa was a most dangerous place from the beginning and Dad joined as an accountant in a factory in the year 1964.

Dad moved with my mother to Orissa where the language was new and people’s attitudes were different. After some time he remembered the vision and started to work in that direction, most of this place was jungle and most of the people were illiterate.

God revealed a place to start His work and Dad started to ask each one if they knew Jesus. Sadly enough he never found the correct reply. So, with the help of three men, he started to work on missionary tracts. Because the salary which he received was not sufficient to print the tracts, he worked overtime to earn money for tracts and for his family. The Word was then received by the tribal people in certain areas by my Parents.

The persecution was great and many times the Hindu rebels gave Dad a hard time. Up until 1987 the ministry work was continued albeit with many challenges in Orissa. After my Grand Pa’s death in 1987 again God gave a vision to Dad to continue the work in Andhra Pradesh. So, Dad resigned from his secular job and we were shifted to Andhra Pradesh. In 1989 the ministry work was started in our home village with new ideas and new views.

I was 13 years old and the youngest one in my family. My studies were interrupted as my village was exceedingly poor. Undeterred, each day I traveled 18km by bicycle to continue my schooling. I was so disappointed to stay in this village with such bad conditions. Dad was my first teacher who taught me about Jesus, and subsequently, I gave my heart to Jesus when I was just 16 years old.

Our village was surrounded by hills and the Maoists were upon the surrounding mountains. The problem for the propagation of the Gospel was the same as when in Orissa. Dad saw fit and appointed me as a teacher to teach the poor children and help them to be literate.

I started a Sunday school to teach the children songs and memorize the verses from the Bible. Dad took me to different places and we both visited the tribal areas to encourage the Pastors and congregations. I am one among 60 Pastors who were lovingly trained by my Dad.

I was then shifted to the town to complete my Science graduation after spending 5 years with my parents in the village. I completed my graduation and started my career as a real estate business agent. God is always with me and helped me all the way to fix good deals for my customers.

I earned a lot of money and helped with the ministry work as much as I could to help achieve the targets. God gave His first call when I got married to my precious wife Rajee, but I continued my business and after 10 years, He gave a second call. In a submission to the call, I took the right decision to put my hands on His Yoke.

Until now and even as you are reading this I am fully involved in the ministry field and my heart is to reach out to those in need in an effort to relieve the suffering while also presenting to them the good news of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the Glory forever and ever Amen!