March 2022

It is always great connecting to you through my monthly updates. As I mentioned before we are fasting for 40 days, and it is a privilege for us to pray for you, your family, and your ministry daily with a group of believers.

  • Our March 2022 month ministry activities:
  • Meet at Leprosy Colony was held on 6th March & dinner followed.
  • Teaching the women at sewing school.
  • Children Ministry was held on 18th March & dinner followed.

By God’s grace, we are able to create a new website. So from now, onwards our updates will be posted as blog posts. The good news is, you can donate online without any issues, please have a look at Our Ministries & Needs and join us in well-doing.

Prayer Request: Our primary goal for this year is to build our own church building. We need 1.5 million dollars for this immense project. If we built our church with bricks and we needed 30,000 bricks to complete it…. You could buy a piece of the church by buying a brick or 10 or 100 or 1000. $50 a brick X 30,000 bricks are 1.5 million/ 100 bricks = $5000. Our tally is available on the donations. We look forward to your partnership.

Check out our March 2022 Event’s Gallery